Welcome to The International House of Pärnu!

Our mission is to help people moving to Pärnu from abroad to successfully integrate and connect with the community here.

We are a diverse and swiftly growing family connected to each other by trust, compassion, and the willingness to learn. A melting pot of cultures and languages, we find community together and foster a sense of compassion and belonging!

This expat group is not limited to foreigners! We have strong relationships with local Estonians and
find common ground together through social connection, language learning, culture, and art.

Our goals:

  • assist newcomers with integrating into the community
  • foster loyalty, trust and a sense of belonging
  • provide helpful information during the immigration process
  • offer practical advice and solutions to new arrivals
  • provide support for children starting in a new school
  • encourage and facilitate language learning

The vibrant and colorful team behind IHOP is made up of five energetic, compassionate and strong-willed community members who, with their combined experience of living all over the world, speaking multiple languages and emigrating several times each, care deeply for the expat and local community in Pärnu, and are committed to helping newcomers put down roots, find family far from home, and settle peacefully in a new place.   Read more about our team here!