Meet the IHOP team!

We are a colourful group of joyous, grounded people who want to help others find “home” in Pärnu!

Toomas Toodu is a Business Development Specialist at the Pärnu City Government and one of the founders of the International House of Pärnu. Toomas lived in London for six years where he experienced a fascinating and fast-paced life in one of the largest cities in Europe. There he was involved in the management of an Italian fashion brand. A few years ago, Toomas moved from the hustle and bustle of the big city directly to Häädemeeste, an idyllic village nestled amongst the pines and sea meadow 40km south of Pärnu. It is a quiet place, it’s five thousand inhabitants a huge change from London’s ten million! His greatest passion is travel – the first daring adventure was undertaken more than 10 years ago when he set out for India with a backpack. Now, these countries have joined hands to work together. During the summer, Toomas welcomes hikers at his holiday camp Suurkivi Nature Escape. 

Hailing from the beautiful beach town of Pärnu, Thea Tammeleht doesn’t fit the stoic, silent Estonian stereotype. Having lived and worked in places as dissimilar as the United States and India, she is a global citizen who has travelled the world – from the nooks and crannies of western, central and Eastern Europe to Asia, Mexico, and the Arab world – she is always open to new cultures and influences.  

Currently, she heads the development department at the largest Vocational Training Center in Estonia: PKHK. She is bubbly and outgoing while being very forthright in expressing her views. She is an excellent chef, a gracious host, and a cohesive force that brings people together. She is married to Thomas who hails from India, and they have two wonderful children.

Rose Karimi Torgla is an Early Childhood Development professional who is passionate about kids and families. Originally from Kenya, she has lived and worked all over the world, including South Africa and Germany. Warm, compassionate, and genuinely interested in other people and their needs, she is a calm and steady presence in the community. She is married to an Estonian and has one son, and currently works for Pärnu Tugikeskus assisting physically challenged children.

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