Language Learning

Pärnu Suhtlusklubi

Silja Joon

Silja Joon heads up the Pärnu suhtlusklubi (Pärnu Communication Club), organizing exciting events where foreigners learning Estonian can come together to practice using the language. 

These fun activities (which are free of charge to participants!) range from canoe trips to cooking classes to music events, allowing people to make friends, find community and develop their language skills. 

Working alongside Silja are language course instructors who also teach Estonian and can help translate for beginners who join the gatherings. 

Silja's activities are funded by the Ministry of Culture, and she works hand-in-hand with the Estonian Language House and the Integration Foundation. 

Her mission is to help people find somewhere to belong in a friendly community and to feel noticed and cared about. She is passionate about making people feel valued and happy, and settling in a new place. 

Information about past and upcoming events can be found on the Pärnu suhtlusklubi Facebook page.
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